Best places outside the Moscow that you’ve got to visit

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Moscow is very beautiful and big city and has plenty of interesting places to go to. However, outside the Moscow you may find many other places that are obligatory to see. In addition, it is a great possibility to relax from urbanistic routine. So, here is a list of the best places outside the Moscow that you’ve got to see. There will be not only historical places, but also some different types.


Museum of Russian dessert in Zvenigorod

Food is one of the most valuable things for people when they are visiting foreign country. It forms the first impression of it. So, why don’t you go to this museum and find out. You will be able to see master class of making different types of desserts like candy flowers that you may make all by yourself, just like any other delicious desserts. After the excursion, you will have a tea party where everybody tries sweets that they’ve made. Also, there is a shop, so that you can bring a piece of Russia back home.


Tank Museum

Another museum that shows one of the most powerful sides of Russian Federation – army. This is the biggest museum with military equipment and has more than 300 exhibits, where 60 of them are unique and have no analogs. It is located in Kubinka. You are able to get there with your own transport and also with public transport like tram.

Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve

Russian nature is gorgeous and rich. To feel as a part of it, go to Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve. It is located in the south of Moscow oblast (region), near the town called Serpukhov. This nature reserve is full of life. It has 142 species of birds, 57 species of wild animals and 625 species of butterfly. I can assure you, that you’ll need more than one day to inspect all this beauty. Also, on the territory of reserve there’s also a nursery for bisons, which you can see and even feel their breath.


Ostrich farm “Russian Ostrich”

It is your chance to see Australian emu and African Ostriches in the realities of Russian nature and not locked in the aviary in zoo. Also, you can pet them and observe their unique attitude.


Arkhangelskoye Palace

This is a very beautiful palace with a collection of very rare books (near 16000). It was a relaxing place for many famous Russian people like Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexander Pushkin. Sometimes, this place is being called “Russian Versailles” because of the beautiful gardens If you feel a bit ill, you may go to the sanatorium nearby.


Star city

This town is a very interesting object because of its past. It was a secret object and served as a training place for astronauts. It is located in 25 km north-east from Moscow. If you are interested in science or in space, or both, you will definitely like this place. It has models of different objects like orbital station “Mir”. Generally, there are 20000 exhibits and every one can possibly attract your attention.

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